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August 19, 2009

I will write this in English so everyone could understand what I’m talking about.

This summer I had an awful experience with We went in vacation in Croatia, so we needed to book some rooms in Zagreb for one night. From the offers available on the Internet, we chose They had the best price, the site looked good and we didn’t find bad reviews at that time. It looks like a trusted site with Visa and Mastercard credentials and it has huge traffic accordingly to Alexa. We checked with the Zagreb hotel which said the site is trusted and they had worked before with bookinhotels. Thus, we had no doubt regarding the scam.

The scam

We paid with Visa. They took the money immediately from our account and they sent us a voucher through email. All seemed perfect. A few days before reaching our destination a friend had received  an email from that announced us that we had no reservations, as they were canceled due to some financial issues. We called the hotel and they confirmed that we had no reservation because a travel agency that worked with canceled it. They said the travel agency didn’t receive the money from announced us that we will receive our money, but that didn’t happened.  Check the mail discussions at this link:

Also check this links where you can read about the scam:

DO NOT TRUST BOOKINHOTELS.COM! is a booking agency that frauds your bank accounts. Never use it! est une agence de reservation en ligne qui fraude votre compte bancaire. Ne l’utilisez jamais!

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  1. Septembrie 12, 2009 2:42 pm

    In July 2009 I booked seeing an interesting stay in Firenze for two nights with breakfast buffet on the website of bookinhotels. The publicity on the site shows logo of Visa and Mastercard (‘controlled by’).The voucher with logo of transHotel (worldwide known) announced our confirmation of reservation, also ‘paid and booked by transHotel’ and guarantee by transHotel. So very thrustfull. When we arrived at our hotel Villa Liberty after 1400 km driving the receptionist told us that there was no booking for us. Astonished as we were, we had to go for another hotel and pay. I send a complaint to the customer service of bookinhotels. The morning after I had an answer saying they were verry sorry for the inconveniences and would make refundment for the supplement. We were informed that transHotel had cancelled our reservation the day before our arrival in Firenze ! We didn’t book with them ! Back in Belgium I searched in google ‘fraud by…’ and found lots of complaints. So I contacted the press (Het Nieuwsblad and De Standaard). They put an article in their newspaper. I also send an e-mail to and the Federal Department of Economy, Internet Fraud. I contacted the responsible of transHotel to keep me informed why they cancelled our reservations. I mailed it to all the responsibles of transHotel. I only got an answer by mail of their customer service that the also were sorry for inconvenience but that they cancelled all the reservations of clients of bookinhotels due to the amount of debt bookinhotels has to transHotel. So I have prove that they have a B/B relationship and transHotel doesn’t even take precautions during several years that they trade with fraudulent people. I’m intended to warn the Turkish (bookinhotels) and Spanish (transHotel) authorities that these people should make refundment for all consumers !!!
    sincerelly yours
    Hugo Vanbellingen (Belgium)

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